Bio Plus, Inc.

113.5 South Main St. Madison, GA 30650
Phone: (706) 342-2599 Fax: (706) 342-2984

About us
We at Bio Plus Inc. are part of the recycle movement in that we convert thousands of tons of agricultural wastes into value-added products. (Thereby helping save the environment.)

Economical Products

  • Produced from recycled agricultural waste (peanut shells)
  • Proven to reduce bird forage of harmful pesticide granules
  • Used throughout the consumer/horticultural products market
  • The most economical organic carrier for pesticides/herbicides
  • Successfully used with major pyrethroids
  • Highly absorbent
  • Sinks in water preventing pesticide translocation
  • Controls active ingredient odors

Bio Fuel Pellets and Animal Feed Pellets

Bio Fuel Pellets derived from ground, pelletized, peanut hulls available in bulk export quantities.

Bio Plus, Inc. also produces high quality feed pellets as an economical source of roughage and crude protein to the animal feed industry. Pellets are available for shipment in bulk truck or rail FOB Ashburn, GA. Our rail carrier is Norfolk Southern.